Giving the Cold Weather the Vintage Boot


22554547_10155765788788050_555366925_nThe bittersweet turn of the seasons from the cheery spring and summer months into the heavier, dark days of fall and winter might have a certain vintage-loving gal or two down. For gone must be the delicate satin pumps or T-strap sandals that elegantly accentuated our floral dresses and breezy blouses. Fortunately, this only means that patterned tights, chunky knit sweaters draped with our grandmother’s pearls and perhaps a snug cloche are out for an incredible, crisp day full of pristine memories to be made for the cold.

We’ve listed the favorites for Fall/Winter ’17 that remain a essential part of outerwear that doesn’t have to feel trendy. For when it comes to vintage, classic is always in trend!

Screen Shot 2017-10-15 at 6.23.49 PM.png

Above: Perry Ellis vintage, $24

A fine but well-worn pair spotted in the West Village, NYC at Vintage Thrift West.

Rosie Double Buckle Boots, $210

No patience for lacing up? Pull yourself up by these easy straps and head out fearlessly into the snow like it’s a great storm in Chicago of ’44! Part of the decadent yet functional New Yorker collection  from Royal Vintage.

Photo Credit: Royal Vintage Shoes

BAIT Footwear Haku boots in Mustard, $78

Our personal favorite! A versatile color and perfect chunky heel make any frolic into fallen leaves or snow-bound strut feel even more enchanting for the winter wonderland we find ourselves in. Not to mention, zip-up sides save time on the laces!

Screen Shot 2017-10-15 at 6.24.32 PM.png

Wish Black Pointed Toe Booties, $51 

With a more modern twist mixing neoprene and leather, these couldn’t be a more edgy get-around pick for the modern sports maven like Jordan Baker.

Photo Credit: TakeItFashion via


Still in search of your perfect pair? We wish you well on finding even more exciting choices that cater to your nostalgic tastes, and might we suggest starting here!




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