A September Dream: Scenes of the Gatsby Summer Afternoon 2017!

Photos by Marjorie Magazine

We find ourselves again at the generosity of our gallant and mysterious host, Mr. Jay Gatsby, or rather the Art Deco Society of California, attending this year’s Gatsby Summer Afternoon! See the photos from our picnic and much more!

Picnic-goers proudly show off their copy of Marjorie Magazine!
A yellow car pulls up to the scene near the main dancefloor.
The grand madame of the day’s festivities, Dumsmuir-Hellman Estate beneath the Oakland Hills sun.
Belles of the afternoon!
Tucked away beneath an oak tree was the most heavenly yet simple picnic for two.
Spotted! Our very own founder and Editor in Chief, Paris Kim
Ashley and Camille arrived on the scene for their first GSA and in fabulous style! Their picnic was full of delicacies like cookies and prosciutto and champagne and fresh flowers.
Cutting a few rugs.
Shelly and Lauren enjoy a new afternoon summer read, look familiar?
The view from a sunny place.
Paris Kim doesn’t mind a fun stroll around the pool ruins on the estate.
Complimentary copies of our Spring/Summer issue lie around in the shade of the Dunsmuir grounds.

We can’t wait to see what lovely Marjorie Gals turn out for next year on September 9, 2018!

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