The Beautiful Bygone of Jacki Geary’s Portraits

 These women are confident, classy and stylish. Even a bit mysterious.

That’s how Jacki Geary would call her stunning portraits of early 20th Century women, staring back at their viewers defiantly and a bit with flirtation. Bringing to life the spirit of the 1920’s flapper through their gaze isn’t just the magic that Jacki Geary casts. The colors, the makeup, the texture of her paintings construct a dreamy mystique about these women who in their times went above and beyond the societal norms for their class and sex. As the shadowing paint drips down across the hair and cheeks of the subjects, all reminiscent of true Zeldas or Louises or Marions, you can take this detail as a sign of the times where their world has long melted away and soon with them– or as the artist notes, highlights the fragility of these seemingly independent and bold women, their elegance contrasted with the darker watercolors that flood their space.

Jacki Geary_Esme

These vintage muses are not something new to the artist. Jacki’s love for vintage sprung from her youth and only flourished as she pursued professional photography. Taking her BFA with a concentration in photography into an exciting 10-year career, she turned to the less mechanical beauties of painting, finding that her love for vintage and abstraction mastery best shined in portraits. In using multiple mediums, she still uses painting to push boundaries today.

See her beautiful work below and at her site,!

Jacki Geary_Marcelline
Jacki Geary_Eloise
Jacki Geary_Emilia
Jacki Geary_Maeva
Jacki Geary_Simone
Jacki Geary_Rosine
Jacki Geary_Penelope


All artwork courtesy of Jacki Geary.

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