A Loving Letter Hand

Photos by Cat Fennell

Communicating in the times we live in now would seem less complicated. Emojis, GIFs, and and messaging apps easily convey to each other a quick and lighthearted message in no time— and yet, as quick and convenient it all is, there’s no real enjoyment of conversation. No true recollection of a sweet note or funny joke other than when a screenshot is taken on your phone.


Modern technology doesn’t cut it for Marjorie Gals—at the end of the night, we’d prefer holding close to our hearts a delicate, handwritten letter or witty notecard to capture our sender’s sentiments. With each word we hold onto a slight feeling that makes us never forget why we’re even close to each other. A true token of the human spirit of connection and keeping each other in our thoughts, all through the power of ink– and some pretty paper.

In keeping up this timeless pastime of perfecting your lettering hand, we’ve taken notes on the finest and most beautiful stationery that you can own, too!

Ferme a Papier

Illustrator and designer Cat Seto is the mastermind behind the San Francisco-based line of stationery, greeting cards, and accessories. Find her modern twist on writing with her unique bold prints and sketches from her travels in Paris, or just with one of these perfect lined notecards that already look ready to be sent!

Envelope Card in Tan or Navy, $4.50 at fermeapapier.com

Screen Shot 2017-08-18 at 10.29.54 AM


Sugar Paper

This sunny and luxurious brand prides themselves in the ancient craft of letterpress. Add a bit of gold here and there (why not everywhere!) and your letter becomes the ultimate timeless keepsake any beloved could ask for!

Ever So Kindly Notecard, $5 at sugarpaper.com

Paper Source

“Do something creative every day,” is the motto of Paper Source, the mass stationery mogul who continues expanding its creative crusade across the country with over 100 locations beyond their headquarters in Chicago. Find your own paper and inspiration within one of these stores as the walls are drenched in customer and employee-created curations alike. In fact, our Editor in Chief, Paris Kim, started out working at the Paper Source on Fillmore Street in San Francisco and taught a few workshops! “The best thing about Paper Source is not just their whimsical knick-knacks or colorful variety of stationeries,” she says, “but the ability to kickstart your own imagination with the right push towards stock papers, their colors, and the extra tools provided to really make your vision shine.” Her personalized stationery featured below is comprised of Superfine Softwhite A4 card stock, Antique Gold paper, and watercolors, shown against the PS favorite colors of Coral and Mint!

See more card stock varieties at papersource.com



Everyone’s favorite Japanese convenience store is not just stocked in dollar household goodies and tasty imports, but the prettiest paper, too! Though items may vary from store, we were lucky enough to snag these three adorable designs from their shelves.

Mini Cherry and Domino Notecards, Panda Tear-Away Stationery, $1.50 at Daiso

Rifle Paper Co.

Lastly, there couldn’t be a more breathtaking set of cards than from the timeless and elegant floral motifs of Rifle Paper Co.! Anna Rifle Bond’s fresh takes on millefleur is phenomenal, not to mention her pristine paintings of city life and people. Aside from shoe collaborations with Keds and Paper Crown, to custom wedding invitations and now her own line of fabrics, the Rifle brand will always stand out at its best when it comes to their paper.

Shanghai Garden Stationery Set, $22 at riflepaperco.com


Find yourself the right paper for you to leave the smallest yet most loving lasting impression in ink!


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