Teacup Candles Serve Up Summertime Sunshine


On a light summer breeze you might get a whiff of salty sea air, fresh peonies, or the heavy smoke from a BBQ grill to really put your old soul in the mood for the warm season ahead! But at the twilight, turn your nose towards the indoors or onto the back porch for your new favorite summer decor obsession: teacup candles!

Beautiful antique cups paired with delightful scents of tea and vanilla and flower bouquets? It’s an incredible and genius craft that’s missing from our homes. Shop Etsy for hundreds of varieties, from old Bone china to modern bulky mugs with richer scents like affogato or hot cocoa– bringing shabby chic warmth into your home these summer months never looked so wonderful.


From Rankidoodle, $13.33

Bright pink and yellow put a pop into an otherwise simple candle. But take it a step further and you can customize this cup with a special label printed with a personalized message!


From Jennydora, $10

Blue china is the way to go when transitioning into definitive shabby chic decor for your home. And, the blueberry muffin scent pairs perfectly with this teacup, if we might say so!


From AdelinaVintage, $20

Like a nectar from the gods, the milky wax of this candle blended with crushed flower petals would make any container look like gold. We can only imagine how magical this candle will look casting a glow on your coffee table or boudoir.


From WonderlandWax, $8

It makes sense that the loveliest tea scent became a scented candle. Paired with a delicate English daisy set, this is the real deal for that feeling of the perfect afternoon tea.


From Yettydesigns, $10.67

The deep blue and bold details of this cup and saucer are all about making a standalone statement, especially with unscented wax. The perfect cup to really add a dash of character!


Photos by respective sellers via Etsy


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