Our Diamond Gal: Happy Birthday Marilyn Monroe!

June 1st marks a glamorous day as we celebrate Marilyn Monroe’s 91st birthday. The late star remains a wonder of beauty and tragedy in our imaginations, and in the decades long after her death she still inspires every vintage-loving gal from style to dedication to her life’s passions as Marilyn exemplified. We take a look at our favorite photos of the wildly beautiful and inspiring talented actress the world will never forget!

Laurel Canyon Rock Sitting, 1953

Just coming into the height of her career, Marilyn looks wonderfully fresh-faced and glowing, showing off just the perfect hue of red on her full lips.

Photo by Milton Greene, 1953

Behind the scenes of Some Like It Hot 

Beneath sunny skies of San Diego on the white beaches of the magnificent Hotel del Coronado, Marilyn looks more at home in her element and less like she’s filming a scene alongside Tony Curtis.

On the set of Some Like It Hot (1959), Google Images

Car shot from The Misfits

Despite the turmoils she was facing in her life at the time of shooting the Misfits, the film is considered one of her most incredible roles that display her range of acting. Not to mention, the wig (yes! a wig) she dons is perfectly a sweet 1960’s ‘do on her.

On the set of The Misfits (1961), Google Images

Session at the Beach

Some of the most stunning photos ever taken by Marilyn were by the beach, capturing that ultimate pin-up aesthetic with wild curls blowing against the salty air and polkadots to play up Marilyn’s pure white swimsuit. Forever dreaming of California with just one look at that smile!

Photo by Andre de Dienes, 1949

Last Photos with George Barris

Her photo series with George Barris in 1962 was such a stark contrast to her older glamour shots in how worn and tired she looked, yet also somehow peaceful and genuinely happy. In the end, Marilyn was just human, a talented actress continuously taking critics down and devoting herself to something she was so passionate about.18765733_258580621216795_5843782296691196262_n

Photo by George Barris, 1962












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