Faces of Film: Betty Grable, The Legend of the Pinup

In the 1940’s, if there was any awareness of the legendary pin up girl like today, Betty Grable would be it, the choice star for many girls these days who turn to the pin up look for inspiration and a choice of non-conformity. When you are talking about the look, you think about way you can recruit a deep red lip or curlers. There is something old school about curlers and even the use of a curling iron, distinguished as something our grandmothers used. You’ll be absolutely beaming when you accomplish that Betty Grable look, especially since the hairstyle is timeless and alluring. With curls pinned up do or cascading down your shoulders, the Betty Grable look proves that beauty and confidence are easily achievable.

via Metacolor

With tons of source and images online, there is an immense support of resources focused on the 40’s look. Betty Grable took us back to the magical place where past innocence met the alluring maturity of a woman, mashing up a red lip with a playful romper or playsuit. The childlike quality of the 40’s look has carried through the decades, not at all a dull style since it genuinely shows off our confident side and our symbolic change towards femininity. What we can take from Betty Grable’s influence is not only a stunning look, but an admission to being honest with one’s self; the rise of the good girl revolt and embracing your flirtatiousness while being kind to others, and kind to themselves. You can call it ‘the marrying type’– the wholesome gal you can bring home to mama, with a little bit of undeniable and effortless sex appeal on the side.


Perceived as “retro” or “vintage” today, there has has an incredible surge for the art of pinup style. It brings us back to a time when boys were gentlemen and beauty captured an innocent, natural charm. If you can see someone like Betty Grable today, it would most likely be by some artist like Katy Perry or actress Zooey Deschanel– both embody the spirit of the pin up and empowered women and convinced us that girls do rule!

If you invest in this look, try a bandanna or try even a bandeau top , or for more twists on the classics just turn to Pinterest and BlogLovin. In the end, pin ups like Betty Grable pave the way for modern vintage-loving gals today that it would be too precarious to stop now. Simply put, being a pinup is the greatest opportunity to follow of all time!

via Wikipedia

by Veronica Felipe

Twitter @vfelippe99

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