7 Must Haves for Vintage-Inspired Looks

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Nude makeup and me are not a good combination. Bold makeup on the other hand: definitely a high-five. Colorful is my middle name, partly because of my ethnic background (India), but also because I love vintage (inspired) makeup, which is never natural (Hello there, red lipstick!).


I actually always have vintage inspired makeup looks, because I always wear eyeliner and I love the winged eyes look. Next to that, I also love bold lipstick. So which products do I use to create my vintage inspired makeup looks?

Here are 7 of my personal favorites:

1. Foundation | Terracotta by Guerlain


First things first. Let’s start with the base. Some people believe you’re covering something up or wearing a mask when using Foundation. That’s not true, especially in these modern times where makeup can be as light as a feather. I simply use one drop (literally) because it evens out my skin tone look and makes my winged eyes looks and colored lips stand out. And yes, one drop is really all you need. This is a foundation with very light coverage and the best part: it’s invisible. People will be surprised when you say you’re wearing foundation.

2. Concealer | Touche Eclat – Yves Saint Laurent

This is an optional step when binge-watch nights have gone out of hand for example. The Touche Eclat brightens your eyes in seconds and it does not end up in your crease. I’ve been using this one in combination with the foundation mentioned above for years when I’ve had very short nights…

3. Brows | Aqua Brow gel cream – Makeup Forever

Processed with Rookie Cam
Processed with Rookie Cam

The most underrated brow product of all. I like full natural brows. This brow product emphasizes your natural brows. You just need a teeny, tiny bit of this product to model your brows as you want with a brow brush. This brow product comes in various colors so it suits every brow and skin color. You will be ready with this step in two minutes!

4. Eyeshadow primer | 24 hour Shadow primer by Smashbox


This step is optional. I usually don’t use it during weekdays unless I’m having plans after work. When you use this eyeshadow primer, your favorite eyeshadow and eyeliner will stay put for at least 10 hours!

5. Eyeliner | Guerlain

For the ultimate 50s inspired wing I use the liquid eyeliner of Guerlain. I use the deep dark black color, but it’s also available in dark blue and brown. I was always a big fan of Loreal’s Superliner but this one is simply a little bit better, darker. Also it’s easy to use, even when you’re not a big fan of eyeliner with a brush.

5. Mascara | L’Oréal Paris Telescopic and Lancôme Grandiose Extreme

The finishing touch of the eyes. My all-time budget favorite is L’Oréal’s Telescopic. Stays put for at least 10 hours. That’s how I like it! I recently discovered Grandiose Extreme by Lancôme. This mascara gives an instant false lashes effect. Both mascaras are lengtening because I prefer long lashes over volume.

6. Rouge | Crimson Rouge By Besame Cosmetics


Over the last two years this rouge has become my favorite. It’s a warm red cream rouge, but it adjusts to your lip color. I have even used it in combination with a purple lip color. You can use this rouge with your fingers. Easy breezy. Also, it stays put all day (and all night).

Last but definitely not least:
7. Lipstick | Velvet Rouge line by Bourjois

I don’t have 50 shades of red yet, but I am getting there soon. If you like to wear lipstick, you want something that stays put for hours (especially at work during weekdays). For example I don’t have time – and don’t want – to check the mirror every time I eat or drink something to see whether the lipstick is still there. Tip: no matter what lipstick you use, always go for a matte lipstick and always use a lipbalm underneath it. One of favorite lipstick lines is Velvet Rouge by Bourjois. I have 5 different shades and I use them regularly. Also, it feels like you have nothing on your lips. These lipsticks are highly pigmented so they suit any skin color.

As you can see, there is a red line in these favorites of mine. I like makeup that stays put as long as possible and I don’t want to spend too much time in front of the mirror. When I use all of these products, I am ready in 15-20 minutes. When I skip the eyeshadow part, my makeup only takes me 10 minutes! Efficiency at its finest!


My name is Kiran. I am an Oriental meets Vintage Gal. I love the fashion and music of the old days. I like to combine my Indian roots with Classic Hollywood inspired looks. I write about this and many other vintage meets present brain flashes on my blog Oriental Spice and Some Chocolate.


Instagram: http://orientalspiceandsomechocolate.com


By Kiran | Oriental Spice and Some Chocolate (shot in different lighting set-ups)

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