Our Favorite Looks from Dapper Day 2017

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With another Disney Dapper Day making its place among the past, we had a feast for the eyes as Marjorie Gals across Instagram showcased their best and beautiful looks for this mecca of lovers in all things magical being Disney and retro!

Founded in 2011, nearly 20,000 participants flock to Disneyland for a weekend of elegant and whimsical flair, imitating their favorite Disney characters or recreating the past in authentic timepieces with their own twists. Add the Happiest Place on Earth into the mix, and you’ve set the stage for a whole new world unlike anywhere else in the present.

Here are our picks for this year’s most dapper dolls!

This blue charmer for a sunny picnic day:



The oh-so-lovely Happy Ending ballgown from the live-action Beauty and the Beast:



Our lady of pinup princess fame Lady Damfino portraying a perfect Princess Mia Thermopolis:


A sun-kissed look with the right amount of shade:


A dandelion darling:


The deadly duo of Hook and Smee so fabulous as they are formidable


A truly romantic ride around the town:


This couple ready to cruise down the main street of Radiator Springs:


A classic look that all begins with a mouse!


These dolls just heading back into Wonderland:


An elegant pair just finished parading around Paradise Pier:


A magical Mickey mystique– up to some mischief no doubt:


This beauty bursting in a flair of florals outside Flo’s:


And finally, a very merry-go-ground marvel in pink!



We can’t wait to see what new dapper looks arrive on the scene when the gals head next to Disney World!

All photos via Instagram


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