KEEP THE PAST ALIVE! Support Marjorie on IndieGoGo

You heard it straight from us! We’re in need of YOUR help!

Our IndieGoGo crowdfundraiser is going live and we just had to tell you about it! If you love reading Marjorie and enjoy all the beautiful stories and photos shared,  your contribution will cement our place in history. An absolute dream come true!


Behind our campaign, we hope to achieve the following:

Website maintenance

The domain of the site is still at although we already own the domain As part of the basic package via our host it would cost $40/year until we can upgrade to $100/year for adding in the domain and installing necessary plug-ins and other features to build up our site.

Compensation for our writers

As we keep the backbones of Marjorie’s running with the site, the real meat is in the content. We continuously reach out to writers, bloggers, and Instagrammers for their contributions in order to diversify the content on Marjorie. Topics covered so far are Jean Harlow’s lasting impression as the first blonde bombshell, the big debate over whether Pepsi is better than Coca Cola, why Besame Cosmetics beauty brand is your must have line of makeup, and an upcoming review of the new Archie tv drama, Riverdale.

To keep this variety of content going, compensation to writers is our genuine show of gratitude for believing in us. We hope to pay writers at a base price of $15 per article based on rates from other publications such as Broke Ass Stuart. As for photographers and those wishing to contribute bigger projects, these rates will be higher and vary.

Establish a budget for collaborations, promotions, and advertisements

Getting the word out to potential readers takes more than hours on end reading through blogs and scrolling through Instagram accounts. Dismissing paid advertisement services offered through social media channels is a missed opportunity. We’ve ran a few ads out of our pocket at a total of $20: 4 Instagram ads for $5 each. In total, the impressions made in those six days of running ads were over 3,000 users on Instagram. By creating a set budget from our campaign for ads, we hope that in expanding our impressions we will reach the right audience sooner, and faster. The same goes for brand collaborations, boutique and bookstore consignments, and promotions as we would love to hold sweepstakes/giveaways to reward our readers!

Produce a biannual print magazine for our readers to physically own

 That’s right! We’re first and foremost a magazine, and our big goal for this campaign is producing just that. Should we publish a significant amount of articles, we hope to print them all in two issues a year, one for spring/summer and fall/winter. The magazine would be created via the self-publishing provider Blurb and sold on their site for the first year. Each magazine would cost $3.99 to create for 20 pages, and an additional  15 cents included per extra page. For our readers to own, each issue would cost between $7.00- $9.00 depending on the final page count of the issue, to make $3.01 profit that would go into our overall budget. We also plan to mass print at least a bulk of the first issue to be sold on consignment at local businesses like clothing boutiques or bookstores, as well as online retailers.

In the end, even if we fall short of our goal, 100% of what is raised goes towards the magazine, as we will continue writing for the sake of our passion. We hope that as a bonus, our readers will genuinely love all we’ve given to them.

If you’re not able to give, you can still help our vision succeed! Subscribe to our site, share articles, follow our Instagram, and tell your friends and fellow enthusiasts that there’s now a site for them to indulge in their sentimental musings. Sharing this campaign will also be appreciated!

– Paris Kim

Founder of Marjorie


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