There IS a Difference in the Pepsi vs. Coca-Cola Debate

Set aside the differences and let’s all agree– soda is sinfully delicious.

And as long as there’s soda there will always be the bitter(sweet)ness between fans of Coca-Cola and Pepsi, brewing since both brands were conceived in the late 1800’s as treatments to addiction and body aches. Coca-Cola is the quintessential classic soft drink, whereas Pepsi’s underdog popularity among niche markets has always fascinated the masses. In the end, both serve up a refreshing taste that might almost be the same. But is it?

That difference in taste can be found in Malcolm Gladwell’s 2005 book, Blink. In a recent article from FoodBeast, Isai Rocha brings up this little known exposure of the single difference in your bottles: citric acid. The compound produced naturally in citrus fruits give one of these pops their burst of strong, crisp flavor that, when given first in blind taste tests, tend to be the favorite among the subjects.

As for the other soda, there’s a smoother quality to the taste and with good reason. Having a creamier vanilla-raisin flavor to its sip, some might find this more preferable than the subtle tanginess of its competitor.

Could you guess which flavor belongs to which soda? Having a look at each’s formula:


New Studies Link Sugary Sodas To Obesity Epidemic
Via FoodRavel

Versus Coca-Cola:

Via Nancy Appleton Books Health Blog

Pepsi Cola carries the Citric Acid, delivering to our delight a crispier tangy taste that will keep us refreshed for these hot spring/summer months. But sometimes, as we know too well when it comes to classics and nostalgia, the king of pop is none other than when “It’s the Real Thing,” Coca-Cola.

No matter which way you sway, it’s fun to keep the rivalry going. So let’s all raise a glass, as we continue sipping on these fizzy, earthy delights into the next century.


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