Screaming for San Francisco’s Ice Cream Bar

A new date night idea is just around the corner! Here in San Francisco, we’re lucky to have right in our backyard the Ice Cream Bar, a mainstay of the city for that old school charm that’s oh so sweet. Located in the hills of Cole Valley, the five-year old soda fountain serves up classics and food and even stronger “remedies” in a picturesque 1930’s facade, really evoking way each soda drink is meant to be enjoyed.


Stopping in on a rainy Friday night, something sweet is just what you needed. Prominent fixtures are all wood and marble, with mirrors reflecting warm lighting against cool mint walls. You can sit along the walls or up against the counters, the one towards the back being the maestro of all fizzy and creamy goods, an original soda fountain uprooted from its original location in Mackinaw City, Michigan. It all feels very authentic, all welcoming, from the servers and soda jerk in their paper hats and and the tall glasses in which we enjoy the Chocolate Phosphate or New Orleans Hangover (chicory coffee syrup, golden eagle tincture, soda, sweet cream ice cream). Add a side of lunch counter bites like a Pulled Pork Sandwich or Tuna Melt served with baked potato chips, and you’re in a small corner of culinary heaven.


As for those remedies, save those for after hours! The Cracked Cola, Dublin Honey, and Cappellettis are a few of the many alcohol-infused wonders to really get your night going. Seriously though, the buzz about the Dublin Honey– with ingredients like Guinness Stout, Graham’s tawny port, and caramelized honey ice cream– earned it a spot on 7X7’s 50 Cocktails to Sip in SF Before You Die.


That rush of comfort classics in a sea of foamy concoctions is just what you’d expect from a stop in at the Ice Cream Bar. Something for everyone awaits, be it boozy or savory– in the end, your experience is downright nostalgic, right around the corner and awaiting you like it’s always been a part of an always changing San Francisco.

Visit Ice Cream Bar at 815 Cole St, San Francisco, CA 94117




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