Beauty the Bésame Way

If you’re eagerly watching the tension play out between Joan Crawford and Bette Davis on FX’s anticipated Feud or need to feel like the super woman that Agent Peggy Carter reminds you to be, then Bésame Cosmetics just might already be on your radar.

Marjorie founder & editor Paris Kim wears her 1970 Chocolate Kiss lipstick before a Saturday night showing of Casablanca.

The beauty brand founded in 2004 is seeing a new limelight thanks to television and legions of vintage beauty bloggers across social media— where we first discovered Bésame ourselves. From lipsticks to face powders and their universal cake mascara, girls who wear Bésame Cosmetics are in for a real treat from history. Each shade of lipstick comes straight from careful research to replicate exact colors from various eras, and all packaging and cases feel like they were just bought off the shelves at Woolworth’s or Magnin & Co. Founder Gabriela Hernandez achieves the old school glamour in every detail and shade and notes of perfume— were it not for growing up in Argentina watching her own grandmother make a ceremony of gussying up, retro girls of today would be resigned to more modern suppliers like MAC (then again, Ruby Woo does capture all of Marilyn Monroe’s glamour). Memories like those of Hernandez are why we love sentimental beauty that makes us feel more connected to each 20’s flapper or 60’s Go-Go dancer— and why we love Bésame Cosmetics.

1922 Blood Red.

OUR PICK: Lipstick in 1922 Blood Red, $22

Th ultimate deep red. We refuse to wear anything else for a natural vamp complexion, especially when it’s a shade that compliments all skin tones! With its natural red stain, heavy reapplication isn’t necessary for a glowing all day color.


Cashmere Powder Compact, $28

Enjoy the light wear formula of Bésame brightening powders wherever you go in a convenient and oh so lovely compact! The ornate gold must-have is fashioned after  classic compacts from the 20s and 30s and features the brand’s signature flower. Without using one to fix a blemish or apply lipstick, it just doesn’t feel as glamorous.


Mini Lipstick in 1970 Chocolate Kiss, $8

Our very first shade! It’s a natural yet warm brown with a hint of orange undertone that adds just the right amount of color without a lip that steals all your spotlight. A heavier application builds on a richer brick red tone– and just like your 70’s chic It Girl whose busy Mary Tyler Moore life doesn’t have time for frivolous lipstick, it’s the right pick for a bright yet aloof pout.


Find your perfect decade shade at Besame online and now at Sephora or Modcloth!

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