Monday Motivation Playlist

In rolls the new week, and maybe if you’re lucky the skies are blue, the sun is out– and by some miracle this Monday is smooth sailing for you. But for the rest of us, the right songs are in need to perk us up on a cloudy Monday morning. Our recommendations? Springtime beats the blues.

LEON BRIDGES, Coming Home (2015)

The smooth, deep vocals of Leon Bridges gets us through the early morning hours. The Forth Worth native is inspired by 60s soul and notably Sam Cooke, making his debut Coming Home the perfect cure to really get into #MotownMonday with a fresh new sound and artist.

Our pick: The upbeat track “Better Man” to get your mind in the right mood and “Coming Home” for well– going home.


LA LA LAND, Soundtrack (2016)

Everything about La La Land has us swooning! The film takes us back to when we were first introduced to silver screen musicals like Singing in the Rain and West Side Story and we couldn’t have asked for a better pair like Emma Stone and Ryan Gosling to match Ginger Rogers and Fred Astaire, respectively. This masterful homage to early classics is totally relatable to the struggles we find ourselves in daily as we try rising to the top– or at least on a day like this, just rising out of bed.

Our pick: “Another Day of Sun” will just remind you that another day rolls around for fantastic possibilities. And we only wished traffic jams were that lively.


BLEACHERS, Strange Desire (2013)

Take it back to the 80s if you’re wanting something a bit more jazzed up than the jazz and soul– Bleacher’s debut album was directly inspired from John Hughes films. The vocal ranges of frontman Jack Antonoff and the synth and heavy guitar mixes ignite your morning for an instant rush of teen angst that adequately gets you through the next 8 hours.

Our Pick: “Rollercoaster” perfect gets you through the ups and downs of an early week with a sweet melody and addictive beat to make you swivel in your office chair.


CHUCK BERRY, Roll Over Beethoven (1956)

You have to give this early track of the rock n’ roll legend a listen and for obvious reasons. Feel the rhythm and blues and rush of early 50’s flair as we think of the late musician who paved the way for modern music.

Our Pick: The opening solo to “Roll Over Beethoven” says it all.



Enough talk, and more listening! Let one of these tracks put a smile on your face for International Day of Happiness, too 🙂

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