Faces of Film: Jean Harlow, The Belle of the Blondes

During a time when the brunettes ruled the screen, along came an actress with outstanding beauty, grace and charm; a platinum blonde actress that altered the meaning of what was beautiful. Her name was Jean Harlow, a Hollywood actress that dressed the part and always shined in slinky slip dresses that played up her figure. She was acknowledged as one of those actresses that other fellow female actresses and fanatic admirers could copy.


With so many astounding fans, there was no stopping jean Harlow. She oozed sex appeal and her hair along with her clothes had garnered positive reviews. Her hairdo was rightly copied everywhere, with women bleaching their hair to try to reach that platinum blonde hair color. Though it wasn’t worth losing their hair or even burning their hair in the process, many women ignored all rules to achieve Jean’s look.

There is so much to be when you have platinum blonde hair because like they say, blondes do have fun! Jean Harlow lived a fast and uneasy life but her presence on screen made many rave influences and many also found her graceful walk uniquely hers. Jean Harlow gave us all especially her smirked smile.  Her charm on screen was inevitable.jean-harlow2.jpg

The first five minutes of any scene presenting her had others take notice. She wore her clothes loose and flattering while immersing herself in different personas– all changing what we know as a picture of a beauty queen. There is no other replica, although, Marilyn Monroe came close. Jean’s legacy lived on even when Gwen Stefani portrayed her alongside Leonardo DiCaprio in The Aviator, the bio pic Howard Hughes.

Gwen Stefani as Jean Harlow in The Aviator (2004)

Why would anyone want to steal Jean Harlow’s style but other than to show a budding fashionista and an emerged brave and confident person? She perfected the coolness and slinkiness of a dress that looked undoubtedly like lingerie. She was the first blonde bombshell, and others would soon follow.

Her makeup was also unique, since she had pouty lips and short bobbed hairdo with thin eyebrows. In fact, her look is nothing new since it is still being used today. It is amazing how trends come and go, especially with the continuous resurgence of this legendary actress. Jean Harlow’s look will always be celebrated. 

-Veronica Felipe

Twitter @vfelippe99

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