The Elephant in the Room: Decorating a Defunct Radiator in your Old Apartment

The coldness in your old apartment isn’t because that clunky old radiator isn’t working. It’s because it’s an eyesore, unavoidable and indestructible (unless your self removal means forfeiting that deposit). But if you can’t move it— beat it. Work your radiator into your space like the fresh new piece of furniture it can be. It doesn’t have to be a stain, but a rework of the past into the present— after all, your apartment wouldn’t be that unique and old if there wasn’t a radiator— common for flats in the early 20th Century— to remind you of that truth.

After a good swipe off of dirt and dust, the surface of your radiator should be wide enough for a balancing a few stacked books, and maybe a small ceramic vase. If not too heavy, some flowers freshen up the look and add height to your new centerpiece— the perfect cherry on top! If your wall is blank behind the radiator, get crazy with a few framed photos or just tapped polaroids and postcards. Bonus: If your radiator is painted over in a nice color, choose your pieces around a scheme with the radiator’s color.

Talk about adding warmth into an old home!

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