Southern Sweetness is Just so Peachy!

You might just find yourself wishing you hadn’t shared that tin box of Georgia Peach cookies with your coworkers after a weekend in Savannah. What is this goodness? It’s Byrd’s, a local culinary legend serving up Old South sweetness. Of all their flavors that include key lime pie and classic chocolate chip, nothing is more noteworthy than the bite-site treats that taste just like a ripened peach dusted heavily in confectioner’s sugar, all once in your mouth melting like a cream.

Via Byrd’s Cookies

Hop on a 16 oz. pack of the perfect spring snack, available online and in special edition tin boxes inspired by 60s postcards of Georgia. Or better yet, you might just have to hop onto a plane to Savannah and enjoy more than just Byrd’s baking, leaving a lasting taste in your mouth.

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