Get your Fingers Fidgety: The Typewriter Keyboard will Disrupt all your Tech

Modern technology is synonymous with efficiency. But can it also be with boring?

Those of us longing for a little pick-me-up in our daily work routine, especially when sitting at a computer, try your hand at the good old fashioned way— and way before the computer was an in office staple.


New York based, Lofree, whose IndieGogo Fundraiser is soaring towards almost $400K, aims to change up how we interact with today’s technology by going backwards. That is, their wireless keyboards are completely inspired by typewriters. Their design mimics the mechanical, cluttery, and crisp-sounding functions of original typewriters, complete with the smooth rounded buttons and even Gateron switches to make it all sound just like you’re pounding a soaked ribbon onto a fresh new page of paper. When they’re out on the market, we might not give the ol’ Mac or PC a boot yet, but having our fingers on one of these boards will definitely make us enjoy modern technology more!

See the styles at

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